To the casual passerby, the building at 302 West Sixth Street may not look all that different; but to anyone venturing through the front door, the developing transformation is instantly noticeable. The four-story, institutional looking brick building that previously housed the St. Barnabas Senior Center has undergone a complete makeover, in both structure and attitude.


The first floor is  home to a large event space, private offices and conference rooms.   Artists fill the remainder of the ArtSpace studios that occupy the building’s top three floors. From tie-dye masters to fine art painters, each artist’s studio reflects his or her own personality. The camaraderie and creative energy can be felt as soon as the elevator doors open.

As with any living entity, Chattanooga WorkSpace is continuing to evolve. This creative movement is exciting for not only the WorkSpace occupants and staff but for the entire community. As the building’s transformation progresses, the innovative energy will continue to grow, touching the lives of more and more individuals—ideally inspiring them to establish their own space to create.

Chattanooga WorkSpace is a program area of Public Markets, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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