In 1911, a significant parcel of land was gifted to the city of Chattanooga. Montague Park was to be developed into a place for people to convene and take in the beauty of the land, but in 2003 state regulators found methane leaks in the park from where it had been previously used as a landfill, and the park was closed.

However now, more than a hundred years later, the original vision is finally being realized through the creation of Sculpture Fields at Montague Park, a non-profit, outdoor museum filled with dozens of large-scale contemporary works of sculpture. The 30-acre park, nestled in the burgeoning Southside arts district, will become an international destination of cultural tourism. Phase one is slated to be open within year 2015 and will be open to the public from dawn till dusk each day with no charge for admission.

Sculpture Fields hopes to foster and encourage creativity through monumental sculpture exhibitions, diverse recreational and education offerings, and above all, to be a welcoming, vibrant place of enjoyment, connectivity, and transformation.

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