PYS offers one week sessions of sail camp where learning the skills of sailing a boat on beautiful Lake Chickamauga is the primary objective. Each camper will learn how to rig their own boat, how to leave the dock and return, how to tie the most useful sailing knots, how to right the boat when it tips over, how to de-rig the boat at day’s end, and how to use the wind/sails to take the boat in the direction they want to go. By week’s end, each camper has the confidence to sail a boat solo all the way across the lake and back! Sailing camps offer not only beginning instruction, but also more advanced instruction for those who have learned the basics but need more practice. We can even provide experience for those who want the fun and challenge of being in a race/regatta. All of this is made special by a picturesque setting, Privateer Yacht Club’s beautiful new clubhouse, and a superior staff consisting of US Sailing Certified Instructors and Junior Counselors. (The National administrator of sailing in the USA.) The main emphasis of this camp is on fun and safety. However, many campers return repeatedly because the experience provides them with high self-esteem & confidence.

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