The Grilled Cheese Emergency, aka The GCE, is Chattanooga’s Original Grilled Cheese Food Truck.

The idea of the GCE was born in 2012, when it’s founder William Rizzodiscovered an out of commission ambulance and dreamed of serving the food-loving people of Chattanooga delicious versions of the American classic from the window of the re-purposed vehicle. With some blood, sweat and tears, the ambulance was transformed into the welcoming, Tennesee-Orange-hunger-blasting-mobile it is today.

The GCE prides itself on its local, grassroots approach in everything it does: from sourcing the finest cheeses, vegetables, and breads from well-known Chattanooga purveyors, to its flexibility and willingness to cater to any event or workplace where people hungry for a new choice can be found.

The GCE serves up hot, melty, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade tomato soup just like mom used to make; while also offering more adventurous menu items that will delight both the curious and food aficionado.

From sporting events to community gatherings to lunch breaks to private parties… the GCE is to the rescue !!!

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