“We’ve got your color!”

This simple statement embodies the elea blake philosophy. We are obsessed with color, more specifically YOUR color.

Too long have we settled for colors that eat at our individuality, hiding behind the mask of limited resources for our unlimited reality. elea blake acknowledges the fact that all skins are different. It is with this mindset that we approach our make up.

It has become painfully obvious to us that the one size fits all is a flawed form of thinking. Thus we use our pure minerals to find the color that PERFECTLY fits you. We want you to walk outside and have the world notice that your skin is flawless.

elea blake has extended this line of thinking from not only our make up but for any color need you might have. Whether its clothing colors, hair color, or even what color to paint your walls.

Every skin is unique, and elea blake wants you to embrace this fact. It is our mission to rescue you from the gloom of settling and let you finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

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